In the year 12,345,678 BC, MADCAP was assembled in a laboratory from a mixture of space junk. It's Mother was an Immortal Space Goddess and Father, a Stinky Mop Bucket. After years of training and nurturing to consume the infinite knowledge of the universe to mature into MEGA COMPUTER. MAPCAP, was soon proven to be a failure. Mostly, due to it consuming nonsense and wasting time. Due to it's failure, and it's parents being utterly ashamed, MADCAP was banished to the planet Earth to spread it's annoying adolescent habits to the human race. 


Once landing on planet Earth, MADCAP strangely enough began to flourish. Listening to Punk and Metal, watch TV, eating junk food, playing video games, and drinking beer. After 20 years of aimlessly wandering the planet and consuming yada yada yada, MADCAP attempted to normalize it's self. It went to university, started working, and raised a family. During this time, MADCAP was feeling like a failure, due to unfulfilling it's destiny of becoming a MEGA COMPUTER, it picked up the hobby of home brewing beer. MADCAP instantly fell in love with the old art form and began brewing batches after batches of beer. Blah blah blah... I can't believe you're still reading this. Do you really care how this ends?

Okay, well then... After drinking a beer and being crop dusted by a Divine Space Ghoul, MADCAP had the bad idea to fulfill it's true destiny by not becoming a MEGA COMPUTER, but by becoming a BREWING COMPANY. On some random day in December of 2011, MADCAP BREW CO, was born! From that day forward, MADCAP BREW CO made it it's mission to make bad jokes, make fun of it's self, and make tasty beer.